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Sega Goes Poker

August 5th, 2016

Sega Interprise goes All In

The old gaming aggregation Sega Interprise has afresh gone all in with their latest dive into the bluff infested online bank waters. If you apperceive annihilation about animate amateur you appropriately apperceive some of the Sega Successes like Sonic, Streets of Rage, Earth bastard Jim and Mortal Combat.

Some of their latest amateur cover successes like Afterburner and The Napoleon. Sega has launched Sega Poker and Sega Casino and are aiming to get a chaw of a billion dollar industry. Many altered companies try their luck and barrage a bank site, but after able funds for advertising, promotions etc. a lot of of them fail.

The poker website is annihilation avant-garde as they accept launched as a derma website on the absolute iPoker pokernetwork. This agency that there is not Sega feel at all at the poker tables, it looks like any added poker website that operates on the iPoker network. But one their home page you do get a Sega feel with altered Sega bold characters presenting the altered promotions.

They accept some acceptable poker rewards and bonuses though, so they may be able to set their mark on the online gaming industry if they accept the funds appropriate for marketing. It is the aboriginal video gaming website to go into poker, and it will be absorbing to see if brands like Nintendo and PlayStation will accompany the game.

The website is solid though, with some acceptable promotions and the reside babble that welcomes new players is aswell a abundant affection for those who accept never played online poker before.

Sega Online Poker is a nice animation of beginning air in the poker world, and I attending advanced to see how the website will evolve.